Some Quick Tips to Finding the Right Mover for You

Written by Art in the News. Posted in Movers, Moving, Pods


While moving is often timely and stressful, it is something people have to do everyday, some for school, and others for work. Whatever the reason may be, planning a move requires a significant amount of effort. Long distance movers can help lessen the stress involved with moving, but it is important to choose the best movers for the job.

When speaking with and meeting different movers, look for them to hand you a brochure or booklet that clearly outlines your rights and responsibilities. The brochure should explain the jargon used in the documents the movers will ask you to sign, and it should also clarify what happens in case possessions are lost or damaged during transportation. Do not give this information a quick look. Make sure you read each document completely and thoroughly, and ask for clarification where necessary.

After the movers provide you with the necessary literature, and only after you have gleaned these important documents carefully, should you proceed. It is crucial that you generate a written contract that outlines an estimate, order for service, bill of lading, and inventory list. Look over and edit these documents several times, and do not feel as though you must sign them on the spot. Take your time, and take an evening to look over them.

It may be your best bet to do business with movers that are registered with the USDOT and FMCSA. Ask the movers for these numbers, and follow up to make sure they are valid and legitimate. Moreover, make sure the movers are insured, and can protect your possessions.

Sometimes, things just do not work out as planned, and problems can occur. Protect yourself and your possessions by asking your movers about dispute settlement programs ahead of time. Discuss with the movers what happens if items are lost of damaged, applicable transportation charges, and know who to contact if you have a complaint. Stay informed, organized, and detailed, and your move should be easy! Pods can really help.