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Traditional Marketing for International Artists

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International artists have been more and more prevalent throughout the news. In part, there may be some relation to the general turmoil and conflict in the world and to their emergence through current art news and fine art magazines. Top art magazines have always featured international artists, but there are more ways for them to gain visibility these days.

As part of the mobile “revolution”, anyone can snap a picture of an international artists work and have it appear on various social sharing and social media sites immediately. This allows for greater coverage of the various trends outside the United States and the western art markets.

International artists themselves are also embracing technology as a way to get their artwork out and visible to a wider audience. They plan their own SEO, search engine optimization, campaigns and create buzz through their targeted placements. It makes sense to increase art marketing just as any other business owner tries to increase sales.

For international artists, they face the challenge of distributing their works in other locales. Traditionally, the art gallery was the marketer, distributor and sales organization for international artists. Now they can eliminate the gallery middle man by gaining exposure through blogs and art related sites.

While there is definitely art in the news that drives some visitors to galleries, it is the virtual galleries and marketplaces that have provided the widest distribution. Once someones art work appears on these sites, it is essentially syndicated among friends to exponentially increase exposure.

Besides the image sharing and social marketplaces, international artists have taken to traditional marketing techniques that help with direct sales. For example, an artist can begin to build an audience and using email marketing they can sell exclusively from an email list. They no longer have to prepare works for a public showing other than snap pictures and prepare descriptions for their anxious subscriber list.

The Artists Magazine is an Excellent Resource for Domestic and International Art News

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If you are interested in learning more about fine American art, current art news, or new fine art developments, you might want to consider reading The Artists Magazine, an excellent source of information relating to American fine art as well as the international art world. There are numerous resources provided by Artists Magazine to its readers, such as an art calendar and art forums. The Artists Magazine is one of the most reputable art periodicals in existence today.

If after you have read an issue of the Artists Magazine you decide you want to keep up with it regularly, you can subscribe for a reasonable price. There are yearly subscriptions available that can save you up to 60 percent off the cover price. Of course, should you not want to make that kind of commitment, you can also purchase individual copies of each issue at your neighborhood bookstore or local art gallery.

In the Artists Magazine you will find in depth critiques of new works, as well as reinterpretations of historical paintings and sculptures. So too can you find recommendations in the Artists Magazine regarding which new artists to check out and where their work can be viewed. The Artists Magazine provides all the information you could wish to learn about the current art world.