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Do You Love Food? Do You Know Where To Get More?

October 25, 2013

What kind of Food Network local broadcasting do you watch? What interests you when it comes to watching the Food Network locally? Some people only watch it for the reality shows and the competitions. And there are some great ones on there. But there is so much more when it comes to the Food Network, […]

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Why Should You Buy Locally? Three Options and Reasons to Avoid the Big Supermarkets

September 23, 2013

Did you know that the average American meal travels for about 1,500 miles before it arrives on your plate? There are a lot of reasons this is not ideal. Not only does it increase our carbon foot print, or how much carbon dioxide emissions our purchases contribute to the atmosphere, but it can also lead […]

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Three Excellent Reasons to Skip the Supermarket, and Find a Farmer

August 26, 2013

Local, natural, free range, organic, fair trade, all these words get thrown around so often that it can be easy to forget about what they truly mean. Buying and eating local means to seek out food that is grown in your community. For example, if you live in a temperate climate, it might mean buying […]

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Buying Food Does Not Always Have to Feel Like a Chore

July 26, 2013

Many individuals spend all week looking forward to the weekend only to realize that, on at least one of the days, they will not be able to do anything fun because they have to run errands and go grocery shopping for their family. However, fresh food markets provide an opportunity to combine the two. Going […]

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Where Does Your Food Come From?

June 26, 2013

Technology has made feeding people a lot easier for farmers. This is good. It has made it so that people do not have to be farmers to grow their own food. Today, only about two or three percent of Americans are farmers. In 1870, somewhere between seventy and eighty percent of Americans were involved in […]

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Eating Local Is a Great Way to Support Community Agriculture

June 13, 2013

Looking to change the way you eat? I’m not just talking about taking up the latest fad diet, or digesting articles about food totally at random. I’m talking about exploring the delicious and proactive possibilities of organic eating and local agriculture. Looking for locally focused articles about food is a great way to find out […]

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