The Boundaries of the Art World Are Changing

Current art news

According to Gareth Harris, a reporter for the New York Times, the cultural capitals for art are changing thanks in large part to the digital age. Harris writes, “the notion of what defines an art capital needs to broaden, as artists lay down roots far beyond the traditional power bases.” The traditional border around regional art scenes, he says, are being brought down with the help of digital resources.

One such digital resource that is helping to change the art scene’s landscape is The Artist Magazine, which is one of the top art magazines around that publishes current art news, info about international artists, tips on techniques and special effects, and marketing and business topics.

The Artist magazine is not the only site on the web that helps change the landscape of the art world. With instantaneous updates, mainstream news sites, like the New York Times and The Huffington Post can inform art lovers of upcoming events, and news in seconds. One such story, as recently posted by the Huffington Post, covers 25 different art shows around the world that they claim will “rock the art world.” They list shows from all corners of the globe, including Japan to New York City to Mexico.

Indeed, the digital world is changing the landscape of the art world through instantaneous connection. News can be brought to art lovers all around the world, while other resources like The Artist Magazine, can give artists tips, tricks and a support network to get themselves out there. If you have any questions about digital resources like the Artist Magazine, ask in the comments!

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