A Good Artist Is Constantly Learning

Top art magazines

Artists may not be surprised by this fact, but Americans for the Arts reports that in the United States, if a young adult participates in the arts, then they are four times more likely to receive recognition for academic achievements. Becoming an artist, especially one that finds recognition, is no easy task. Whether you create art as a hobby or a profession, it is important to learn constantly, and take as much help and instruction as is offered.

Art students, and anyone with an interest in art, would do well to subscribe to top art magazines and take advantage of the information they contain. Fortunately, these magazines are available in formats other than print. They are accessible online, and even on some mobile devices. One such publication is the International Artist Magazine, which profiles international artists.

The International Artist is very different from an art review magazine. Where as an art review might give interviews with other artists, preview gallery showings around the world, or examine famous works in critical lights, the International Artist serves to help individuals develop new techniques and hone their craft. Here are some of the instructional tutorials and articles that the magazine contains.

  • Tips on how to create the effects of hard and soft light in a work.
  • How to use variety in size, color, and brushstroke to create balance.
  • Using an undercoat as a method for expression.
  • Using saturated wet paper as a technique for watercolors, and unifying elements that usually oppose each other.
  • Planning out a work before creating a still life painting in gouache.

It is estimated that out of the entire workforce in America, about 2.15% of people are artists and designers. Fortunately for artists, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that both the craftsman and the art industry are predicted to grow from 2010 to 2020, by about 5%. If you want to learn from the masters, but your budget does not exactly allow you to take courses, then consider a magazine that is more than 100 pages in length, and full of techniques and tutorials to help inspire and challenge you. It is good to be an artist, especially when you can get a little bit of help.

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