5 Fun Farm Activities to Try This Year

If you’re looking for some something fun to do with your family then you should look into a local farm. Chances are there is one near you that is open to the public during specific hours of operation and offers fun farm activities. Depending on the location there are a variety of great family friendly things you can take part in. Here are five of the activities that might be available near you when you spend a day on a farm:

1. Hay Rides

Hay rides are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your family. You can go on a tractor led trip through nature and enjoy the beauty of the farm lands. These are common at apple orchards and pumpkin patches, because they are also used to transport guests to different areas of land to pick apples and pumpkins.

2. Craft Shows

Some farms also offer craft shows during certain times of the year. This is a great time to see what kind of arts and crafts local vendors have to offer. You can find all kinds of fun things during these shows, so make sure to save a little money for the occasion in case you find something you just have to have. It’s also a nice way to spend the day out and about with family getting some fresh air.

3. Petting Zoos

Some farms also offer small petting zoos. They usually include animals like goats, ponies, and donkeys. This is a great activity for young kids, but it’s also enjoyable for adults with a love for animals. Some even offer pony rides or the opportunity to feed baby farm animals.

4. Fruit Picking

You can spend a day on a farm picking your favorite fruit during the right season. Apple season is a popular time for this, because u-pick farms usually offer all kinds of fun activities like the ones listed above. Although you can also just take a quiet stroll through berry fields and soak up the sunshine before going home to make homemade jam.

5. Cider and Donuts

Apple orchards usually offer apple cider and delicious donuts. If you want to get out of the house, pick some apples, and then have a tasty treat then this is for you. These orchards tend to have fun, seasonal donut flavors as well.

You can have all kinds of fun when you spend a day on a farm. Look for a farm near you that offers family friendly activities and plan an outing with the people you love.

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