Could Adding A Few Paintings In Your Clinic Reduce Your Customers’ Stress?

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Art is good for our health. It’s why we watch a relaxing movie after the end of a long day or seek out a beautiful song to perk up our mood when we’re feeling down. Our brains are hardwired to glean the best out of any given space we find ourselves in and, if these demands are not met, the consequences can be subtle…and consequential. Businesses that recognize this simple truth are already reaping the benefits, providing superior working environments for their employees as well as more pleasant surroundings for their consumers. Professional art consulting services can make sure you cultivate a relaxing atmosphere, whether you own a clinic or just want to touch up your office space.

The Relationship Between Art And Business

The link between artistic expression and financial endeavors often lean toward marketing. There is far more you could be taking advantage of when it comes to using art to create a better business model. More companies large and small are reaching out to art consulting firms to create environments that welcome everyone across the board. A good rule-of-thumb for budgeting turn-key art services is providing 2% of the construction budget. Art in the workplace is proven to help businesses better address long-term challenges like reducing stress, bolstering creativity and encouraging more positive social interaction.

Create Happier, More Productive Employees

Stress is a devastating condition, partially because it can be difficult to spot in its earlier stages. Workers that are stressed, unhappy and uninvested perform much more poorly than their more stable and enriched counterparts. Ongoing research provided by the Exeter University’s School Of Psychology found employees that are able to customize the layout of their workspace are not just healthier overall, they are up to 30% more productive. An additional study saw people who work in enriched spaces (art or plants) were 15% more positive.

Encourage A Positive, Relaxed Mood In Your Customers

Reaching out to your customers through creative pursuits is a wonderful way of making them want to return in the future. This is especially important for environments that inherently cause visitors to worry, such as hospitals and clinics. The Cleveland Clinic discovered through a series of studies that over 60% of patients reported a notable reduction in stress after the hospital added a contemporary art collection. These were works produced over the last few decades, including fine art, sculptures and abstract designs.

The Psychology Of Art And Impact On Our Health

Bland environments, little color and dreary lighting are just a few of many elements that can bring people down and affect performance. This is why we turn to fields dedicated to adjusting our surroundings to be more conducive to our mental health, such as interior design, exterior design and landscaping. Over 90% of respondents to a recent survey said they believe art makes their workspace more welcoming, with nearly 60% saying it helps them feel more creative while working.

How To Reach Out To Professional Art Consulting Services

Your business may be competitive and it may be ambitious, but a lack of design will start to show itself profoundly over the coming months if not improved. Professional art consulting services can give you the resources necessary to determine what kind of art would best suit your indoor and outdoor environments. You can create a stress free workplace by installing paintings and plants in the main lobby or seek out wall art for hospitals to help visitors relax. The goal of a corporate art consultant is to help everyone feel the benefits of a luxurious, beautiful and welcoming environment.

Talk to professional art consulting services this year and see how you can move forward with an artistic touch.

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