Painting Landscapes 101

Painting is one of the most relaxing pastimes of all time. Mixing colors, expressing your abstract ideas, and having fun creating an image are all big parts of painting. Whether you just want to go crazy with a brush and a million colors, or want to make an incredibly intricate landscape, the tolls and basic building blocks for a good painting are the same. Landscape painting has not only been a therapeutic pastime for people all over the globe, it has also become a staple of art history.

Video Source

While it may be hard to know where to begin when you want to paint landscapes, there are plenty of age-old masters that offer tutorials and classes online. In this video, we will look at some of the basic rules of painting landscapes.

First of all, things in the foreground should appear bigger than things found in the distance of your landscape painting. Adding in this illusion of distance brings a new element of depth to your paintings and makes them more realistic. Additionally, the further away the object is in a landscape, the cooler it should appear. “Cooler” refers to adding blue tints to a painting. Finally, a hard edge in a painting makes it pop out, while a soft edge makes it look farther away.


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