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America Loves Chicken Wings We Can Prove It

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Rotisserie chicken restaurant

America loves chicken. Perhaps because, when it comes to meat, it’s one of the most versatile options: You can find it in a variety of dishes, but comfort food delicious and healthy for dieting! There are many benefits of chicken and who can forget that taste?! With so many ways to make chicken, from breasts plain or coated in breading, to chicken wings, to chopped up and tossed into your favorite soups, you can’t go wrong with chicken. Americans eat a lot of chicken per year – take our word for it!

Chicken-Loving Stats

Many restaurants serve chicken, with a few great choices popping up in Miami Beach. Many also offer chicken delivery options for those who love Continue Reading No Comments

Skateboarding The Basics and a New Method

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Battery skateboard

Skateboarding is seen as a sport that involves the use of a flat wooden board attached to four wheels so that the skateboarder is able to perform tasks on the skateboard, such as going along with the walking path, riding up and down concrete gulleys (called bowls in the case of skateboarding parlance) or riding rails.

Skateboarding is considered often in circles as a difficult activity for beginners, as it involves muscle control, balance, understanding of angles and how movement affects those angles, and the ability to control the board as well as the body. Beginners are likely to spend their time practicing on relatively flat surfaces compared to the bowls.

Skateboarders can skateboard at numerous locations through a city. While there are skate parks available in many places around the country,

Skateboarding A Fun Activity for Young People

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Electric skate board

One of the activities that is most enjoyable when participating in sports outdoors is wheeled sports, such as roller hockey and inline skating. The joy of being on wheels, outdoors, when it is sunny and playing hockey with your team, your family, and your friends, is a joy that is worth reflecting on, at least in this article.

Spring and summer days in some cities mean spending time outdoors with your family. Picnics, tennis matches, walking dogs in the park are all ways of bonding with family and spending time with loved ones that would normally not be spent. Taking time to do activities with your loved ones is important, when the daily demands take up much time.

Often, this time spent with family can result in repaired relationships from damaged times. These times include time spent away fro

Road Trip: Some of the Best Sea Glass Beaches in North America

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types of sea glass braceletsThere are few things more inspiring or terrifying as the ocean. It holds vast hosts of life, it can sink ships with a single wave, and it brings humanity some of the most beautiful treasures in the world. One of those treasures is different types of beach glass. From different types of sea glass bracelets to sea glass wedding jewelry, the ways we use these treasures is seemingly endless.

But where can you find such treasures without flying halfway around the world? Fortunately, we’re here to help you. Here’s a short list of some of the best sea glass beaches in North America that you absolutely need to visit in your lifetime.

Fort Bragg, CA
Fort Bragg is just about eight miles north of Mendocino, CA and holds countless sea glass treasures. The aptly named ‘Glass Beach’ isn’t really a normal beach. Instead of sand, the entire surface of the area is covered completely in bits of sea glass. Unfortunately, this is because the area was previously a dump, but now it’s part of a protected state park system. While you can’t take glass from this beach, it certainly is a sight to behold.

Kauai Island, HI
You might not be able to drive to this beach, but the flight is certainly worth it. Few types of sea glass bracelets compare to the raw beauty of the Garden Isle’s glass beach. Here, you’ll be able to find all sorts of sea glass colors, ranging from white and aqua blue to green and the occasional red piece. It’s not the easiest beach to get to, but the view at the end of the path is well worth any struggle.

Okay this one is a bit off the map, but again, the trip is well worth the wait. Bermuda is an extremely popular destination for cruises and vacations, which results in quite a few bottles thrown overboard. The bad news? That’s garbage. The good news? The ocean can turn all of that glass into beautiful pieces of sea glass, and Bermuda’s beaches are covered in it!

Hunting for sea glass around the world isn’t for everyone, but the next time you’re on vacation, consider visiting one of these beaches and seeing the pristine beauty for yourself.

Could Adding A Few Paintings In Your Clinic Reduce Your Customers’ Stress?

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Hospitality artwork consultant

Art is good for our health. It’s why we watch a relaxing movie after the end of a long day or seek out a beautiful song to perk up our mood when we’re feeling down. Our brains are hardwired to glean the best out of any given space we find ourselves in and, if these demands are not met, the consequences can be subtle…and consequential. Businesses that recognize this simple truth are already reaping the benefits, providing superior working environments for their employees as well as more pleasant surroundings for their consumers. Professional art consulting services can make sure you cultivate a relaxing atmosphere, whether you own a clinic or just want to touch up your office space.

The Relationship Between Art And Business

The link between artistic expression and

Looking for a New Weekend Activity? Learn How to Skate on an Electric-Power Longboard!

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Automatic skateboard

Are you looking for something fun to do on the weekends? Have you thought about taking up skating? Whether your neighborhood has lots of sidewalks or dirt roads, you can have hours of weekend fun skating solo or with groups of friends.

Are You a Core or a Casual Skater?

If you’re already a skater, do you consider yourself a core or casual skater? On a yearly basis, core skaters go out on their boards about 26 times. Casual skaters, however, take their boards out around one to 25 times throughout the year.

How Often Do You Go Skating?

There are around 11 million people that go skating on a regular basis. In some cases, they may create time to go skating every day. When considering all types of skaters, males as well as females are both core skaters. A recent survey showed that

How Employee Recognition Boosts Morale

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Ceo gifts

Statistics are more available now to see the progress and success of new corporations and businesses. Unfortunately, they paint a picture of how steep the competition is within individual markets and how difficult it is to start a business or put together a corporation and keep it running. For instance:

  • Only 44% of businesses survive their first five years.
  • The average life cycle of new corporations is roughly 12 to 15 years.

Even CEOs last less than in the past, with an average stay of 5.5 years compared to over ten years in the 1990s. The fierce competition and demands in a digital and global age often make for volatility and turnover in companies.

With these numbers, it makes sense then to have a gift giving or celebration for employee milestones within companies. With most busi

Martin Luther King Jr’s Impact On The World Through Speech And Demonstration

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Have much do you know about Martin Luther King Jr.?s life and impact on the Civil Rights movement? Long before Martin Luther King Jr. made his ?I Have a Dream? speech, he began his involvement with the Civil Rights movement in places like Alabama. From dedicating his time to sit-in movements, to spending time in jail standing up for what believed in, to speaking publicly about the rights everyone deserves, Martin Luther King Jr. led an inspirational life for all. By seeing the places he worked, reading his letters and listening to the MLK speech audio, we can still feel inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. today.

In the early 1960s, the Civil Rights movement was well underway. In places all through the southern United States from Alabama to North Carolina, people were engaging in the sit-in movements. This all

Are You Looking for a Way for Your Workers to be More Productive?

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Healthcare art consulting in florida

The famous Broadway creator of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda released a video earlier this week that makes a strong statement about the state of U.S. immigration policy. Making the talk show rounds during the last two nights, Miranda has spoken passionately about how art can help share a message that might otherwise be too difficult and confusing to confront. Through art, Miranda and many other artists, can address the difficult topics in our world.
Art can also serve many other purposes as well. It can provide comfort, joy, relaxation, and hope. Addressing these needs is the work of art consulting firms. Coming into a hospital lobby or an office common space, an art consulting fir

Efficient Ways to Avoid Hidden Ticket Charges

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How to buy concert tickets without fees

Nowadays, it has become a common practice to be charged additional fees when buying tickets for music concerts, leisure activities or sports. But the good news is that you can avoid extra charges through wise booking which often require you to book in person and preferably in cash. However, in some venues, you’ll still have to incur debit or credit card service fee. Perhaps you are not off the hook just yet.

It has been established that the most typical way most ticket vendors generate money is through extra fees charged on tickets. Although ticket agents are known to impose service fees, other venues such as theaters or any other major event also add a fee, especially if you purchase sports tickets online. Furthermore, there are numerous ticket websites you can look up and get a