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A Good Artist Is Constantly Learning

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Artists may not be surprised by this fact, but Americans for the Arts reports that in the United States, if a young adult participates in the arts, then they are four times more likely to receive recognition for academic achievements. Becoming an artist, especially one that finds recognition, is no easy task. Whether you create art as a hobby or a profession, it is important to learn constantly, and take as much help and instruction as is offered.

Art students, and anyone with an interest in art, would do well to subscribe to top art magazines and take advantage of the information they contain. Fortunately, these magazines are available in formats other than print. They are accessible online, and even on some mobile devices. One such publication is the International Artist Magazine, which profiles internat

Renting a Tent Is Ideal for an Outdoor Wedding Reception

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In 2012, there were twice as many couples who spent a million dollars or more on their wedding compared to those who did so in 2011. Perhaps you are planning your wedding and you have a similarly ample budget. In that case, you may want to consider having a lovely outdoor reception underneath your choice of high quality wedding tents rentals.

A tent like this can provide just the right kind of festive and momentous ambiance to your wedding, all while imbuing it with added elegance. And in order to achieve a more cohesive aesthetic approach, you may want to consider obtaining your table linen rentals from the same source as the tent rental. This will make it easier to establish a stunning visual theme to base the wedding reception around. Whe

The Boundaries of the Art World Are Changing

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According to Gareth Harris, a reporter for the New York Times, the cultural capitals for art are changing thanks in large part to the digital age. Harris writes, “the notion of what defines an art capital needs to broaden, as artists lay down roots far beyond the traditional power bases.” The traditional border around regional art scenes, he says, are being brought down with the help of digital resources.

One such digital resource that is helping to change the art scene’s landscape is The Artist Magazine, which is one of the top art magazines around that publishes current art news, info about international artists, tips on techniques and special effects, and marketing and business topics.

The Artist magazine is not the only site on the web that helps change the landscape of the art wor

The Ultimate Resource for Art Aficionados

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Possessing a skill or interest in the visual arts can be a rewarding and enriching lifelong hobby. Art is not only fascinating to those who spend time on art forums or subscribe to fine art magazines, but it is a priceless historical tool that has unlocked countless doors to the past. Art has also been shown as an invaluable vehicle for learning.

Although there is overwhelming evidence that children learn better though hands on learning, it seems odd that funding for visual arts education continues to decline. According the National Education Association, when educational budget cuts are made, visual arts are usually among the first programs to go. Of course, this trend is nothing new, as the educational system in the United States has long been known to undervalue the arts.

Despite the fact that art educa

Need to Plan a Wedding Reception? Your Options for Colors, Linens and Tents

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Did you know that about two million weddings take place in the U.S. every year? If you are planning a wedding, you know how much work goes into the process. The average couple, in fact, spend 18 months planning the whole event out. An important part of the event is the reception that takes place after the ceremony, and there are several items you will need for the occasion. Here are three easy tips for having an affordable, beautiful, and less stressful wedding reception.

1. Plan a Color Scheme

If you want to reduce planning stress, color schemes, though seemingly complicated, will actually simplify the planning process. Instead of looking at every possible flower color for a centerpiece, for example, you would only be looking for red and turquoise options. Instead of checking out ev

Where to Be Inspired

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Not every piece of art is inspired by a sunset, or an old couple holding hands, or a country in turmoil. Sometimes inspiration comes from the most mundane places, the most ordinary places, and, yes, sometimes the most cliched places, like art magazines.

The life of an artist is not as glamorous as many people would like to believe. The vast majority of artists in the world are not full time professional artists, but instead hold down “nine to five” jobs like the rest of us, and practice their art in their spare time. To be able to paint or draw or sculpt for a living is truly the dream, but rarely the reality.

So for those millions of artists whose names you have yet to hear, inspiration can easily come from something so simple as an international artist magazine. Being of limited means (and time), st

What Lies in the Pages of an NY Art Magazine

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What lies beneath the pages of fine art magazines? Ask an outsider this question and they will answer that pictures of sculptures and paintings can be found in these types of magazines. Ask an art enthusiast this same question and you will receive a dramatically different response.

An art enthusiast will find a wealth of information in the pages of a fine arts magazine. Whether that magazine is a NY arts magazine or an international artist magazine, the information that is there is valuable, helpful, and designed to allow people from all over the world to enter the wonderful and exciting world of art.

One of the most exciting things that can be found in a NY arts magazine is the art calendar. This art calendar in a NY arts magazine allows people to get an idea of what exhibits, showcases, and galleries are

Explore Art In The News Using This Resource

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Is art something that has truly captivated you for as long as you can remember? Is it something that you need information on for your work? Whatever needs or wants you have as someone with any sort of interest in the art world, you most certainly can find them with an art forum magazine or an art review magazine. The world’s top art magazines do their part to expand knowledge for readers like yourself about everything possible in the art world, from art in the news to current art news to the latest on fine American art.

By exploring art in the news, you can further embed yourself in the arts community on local, national and even global levels. Exploring art in the news through these magazines gives you everything you could possibly need to discuss art with your friends, to know where the cool exhibits are located or traveling to next, to gather information for research papers on artists and their works, and to do practically anything else with the information that lies before you. The best art magazines out there cover a healthy mix of these topics and more, making you more knowledgeable of the art world and at the same time more intelligent about how to articulate it.

With art in the news, you too know about the latest things to hit the world of art. So often, there are outdated things that appear in some lesser quality art publications, or no news at all to speak of in these magazines. But with top industry publications that aim to keep their readers informed, you will absolutely know about the latest and greatest things that are happening in this world, from exhibits to personalities to trends for educational purposes.

And because most of these industry publications have themselves virtually embedded online, you get chances to read about this art in the news from your tablet or computer. So you rarely will have to wait for your next issue to arrive in the mail. Instead, it could come to your inbox or could be explored via you visiting these publications’ websites for the latest art in the news. Sure, you could find this news virtually anywhere online, but in going through these publications’ websites you are receiving something way more compelling, more thought out, and more professionally organized than what any other kinds of websites can pull together for you.