12 Art and Design Degree Jobs That Will Harness Your Creativity

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ – Albert Einstein

In a world where left-brain jobs are often lauded, it can be easy to forget the importance of right-brain jobs. But the significance of the arts has never been greater, with employment in arts and design occupations projected to grow significantly from 2021 to 2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’re creative and love self-expression, pursuing an art and design degree will equip you with the skills and abilities you need to be successful in a career in the arts. You’ll learn how to create, communicate, and collaborate on art and design-related projects. You also develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Additionally, you could work in various fields, from advertising and marketing to fashion and interior design.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! The average annual salary for an art and design professional is $48,220, which is higher than the median annual salary for all occupations. So you can expect to earn a pretty penny for your creativity!

So, if you’re wondering what art and design degree jobs will harness your creativity, wonder no more! We’ve compiled a list of the best art and design degree jobs that will allow you to put your creativity to work.

1. Commercial Interior Designer

If you’re interested in an art and design degree job that allows you to be creative and use your artistic skills to design functional and stylish spaces, then a career as a commercial interior designer may be for you. Commercial interior designers work with clients to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces in retail stores, office buildings, malls, hotels, and other commercial settings.

When it comes to retail spaces, commercial interior designers often work closely with store owners to create an overall design that includes elements like retail shops wallpaper, flooring, lighting, and fixtures. They also consider the flow of foot traffic and the placement of merchandise. In other words, they make sure that the store is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

2. Residential Interior Designer

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys being imaginative and adding your unique touch to things, then a career as a residential interior designer may be for you. Residential interior designers work with clients to create stylish and functional living spaces in homes.

This can involve anything from beach house decor to a luxury home remodeling service. As a residential interior designer, you’ll work with clients to determine their needs and design preferences and design a space that meets them.

If you’re interested in an art and design degree job that allows you to use your creativity to design attractive and functional spaces, then a career as an interior designer is a great choice. With commercial and residential interior design jobs in high demand, you can expect to earn a median annual salary of $60,340, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer’s job is to create visually appealing and eye-catching designs for various mediums, including print, web, and video. If you’re interested in this art and design degree job, you’ll need to be proficient in several software programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. And, of course, you’ll need to have a strong sense of aesthetics and an eye for detail.

If you love art and design and possess the skills necessary to be a great graphic designer, then working for a graphic design company or digital marketing agency may be the perfect job for you. These businesses are always looking for creative and talented individuals to help them create amazing designs to draw in their target audience.

4. Personal Stylist

A personal stylist is responsible for helping clients create a unique and stylish wardrobe that reflects their personality and taste. If working as a personal stylist sounds appealing to you, you’ll need to understand fashion trends and help your clients put together outfits that flatter their figures. You’ll also need to be able to offer honest feedback and give your clients the confidence boost they need to rock their new look.

One of the most popular services that personal stylists provide is mommy makeovers. This service is designed to help moms feel good about themselves again by updating their appearance and wardrobe. If you want to work as a personal stylist and love helping moms feel their best, then you should consider offering a mommy makeover service.

5. Fashion Designer

It’s no secret that a degree in art and design can lead to a creative and successful career in the fashion industry. According to most recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, the median annual salary for fashion designers was $83,650, with the top 10% of earners making more than $130,000!

As a fashion designer, you would be responsible for creating clothing and accessories that are both fashionable and functional. To succeed in this career, you would need to have a good understanding of the latest fashion trends and be able to sketch your designs.

Places like fashion houses, jewelry stores, and clothing retailers are always on the lookout for new and talented designers. And, of course, if you want to be a true fashion designer, you’ll need to own a pair of designer eyeglasses. Ensure they’re not too big or flashy – you want to look classy, not ostentatious.

6. Florist

While you might not think of floristry as an art form, it definitely is! A florist is responsible for creating beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers. If you want to pursue a career as a florist, you’ll need to have a good eye for color and a steady hand. You’ll also need to be familiar with various flowers and be able to come up with arrangements that are both aesthetically beautiful and appropriate for the occasion.

For example, let’s say you’re asked to create a display of wedding flowers. You’ll need to take into account the bride’s vision, the overall theme of the wedding, and the venue. With all that in mind, you’ll be able to create a stunning arrangement that will leave the guests speechless!

7. Product Designer

Product designers create and develop new products for their company or client. To be a product designer, you’ll need a degree in engineering, product design, or a related field. You will also need working knowledge of various materials and manufacturing processes. In addition, you’ll need to have a good understanding of how to design products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. And, of course, you’ll need strong problem-solving skills.

Baby bedding sets are a great example of a product that requires a combination of all the above skills. You’ve got to consider the different materials, the size of the bed, the colors, and the overall aesthetic. You also have to ensure that the bedding is safe for babies and meets all the required safety standards.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, a career in product design might be the perfect fit for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to design the next big thing in baby bedding!

8. Prop Master

For a film or television show, the props department is responsible for sourcing, creating, and managing all physical objects on set. This includes everything from furniture and appliances to weapons and cars.

The prop master oversees the props department and ensures that all props are appropriate and within budget. This can be a challenging and rewarding art and design degree job. You will often have to use your creativity to search for or create props that will be used in production and manage a team of prop makers and prop assistants.

Being a prop master requires a good eye for detail and strong organizational and problem-solving skills. Another crucial skill is thinking fast under pressure and coming up with creative solutions when problems arise.

9. UX Designer

A career in user experience (UX) design is a great option if you want to harness your creativity working in the tech industry. UX designers are responsible for creating user experiences that are both intuitive and enjoyable. And they typically earn a pretty good salary, with the average UX designer making $95,000 per year.

As a user experience (UX) designer, you will need a strong understanding of how people interact with products to create designs that users will love. Your job will be to help create websites, apps, and other digital products that are easy to use and pleasurable to interact with. You will also need to have a keen eye for detail and be able to empathize with users to understand their needs.

10. Event Designer

An event designer is in charge of planning and designing special events. As an event designer, you’re responsible for everything from finding the perfect venue to selecting the right d├ęcor and catering. And, of course, you need to be able to work within a budget and stick to a timeline.

Event designing requires you to be extremely creative, as you have to develop new, unique, and innovative event concepts that will capture guests’ attention. You should be well organized, because you have to manage many different elements to create a successful event.

If you have a knack for design and love planning and putting together events, this could be the perfect art and design degree job to harness your creativity.

11. Set Designer

Set designers are responsible for creating the sets and scenery for TV shows, films, and theater productions. They need to be able to create designs that are both functional and visually stunning. They will often work closely with the production director, such as someone like Michael Palance.

This is a great job for creative people who are also organized and detail-oriented. Set designers need to think about both the big picture and the small details. They must also be able to operate within a production’s financial and scheduling restrictions.

If you’re interested in this art and design degree job, you should start working as a set designer on small productions. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can apply for larger production jobs.

12. Art Director

An art director is in charge of a project’s overall look and feel, be it a website, a magazine, a newspaper, a TV show, or a film.

As an art and design degree job, being an art director will allow you to unleash your creativity in several ways. You’ll be in charge of developing visual concepts and overseeing the execution of those concepts, giving you much control over the overall aesthetic. This is a great opportunity to really express your creativity and develop unique and interesting concepts. You’ll also have the opportunity to inspire and guide a team of creatives, which can be extremely rewarding.

Art directors are in increasing demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of art directors will grow 4%over the next decade, which is nearly as fast as the average for all occupations. These professionals are also among the highest-paid art and design professionals, with a median annual salary of $100,890! It’s a rewarding role that will allow you to really flex your creative muscles.

Bottom Line

So, what does the future hold for those with an art and design degree?

Well, there are plenty of options for people who want to harness their creativity. From graphic design and web development to architecture and fashion design, the sky’s the limit. There are also many art and design degree jobs perfect for those who want to make a difference in the world. So, whatever your passion, there is sure to be an art and design degree job out there for you.

So, don’t wait any longer. Get out there and start pursuing your dreams. With an art and design degree, the world is your oyster!

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