Minecraft as an Art Form

The surreal landscapes and abstract sculptures players can create in Minecraft are often overlooked as an artistic medium. This liberating game allows you to build a business in a virtual world, which can be just as challenging as creating a business in the real world.

There are companies, such as Blockworks, an artistic collective that utilizes Minecraft’s creative mode, as opposed to survival mode, to create. This blank canvas allows players to create their own world, with endless options to add complexities to the world.

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Companies located all over the world created their own hosting services to allow various worlds and mods for their users. Similar to building with legos, Minecraft takes this art form to the next level and creates beautiful dreamscapes and architectural legends.

Minecraft maps promoted big companies to tie in advertisements in this virtual world, allowing players to play in worlds they see in movies and virtually purchase merchandise from famous brands such as Nike. At some point, Minecraft banded branded partnerships that allowed players to play in these blockbuster worlds.

Some collectives survived this change by creating artistic projects using historical legacies. Minecraft is seen as a video game for children in many respects, but it shouldn’t be passed over as a way for freedom of expression and creative genius.


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