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How Employee Recognition Boosts Morale

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Ceo gifts

Statistics are more available now to see the progress and success of new corporations and businesses. Unfortunately, they paint a picture of how steep the competition is within individual markets and how difficult it is to start a business or put together a corporation and keep it running. For instance:

  • Only 44% of businesses survive their first five years.
  • The average life cycle of new corporations is roughly 12 to 15 years.

Even CEOs last less than in the past, with an average stay of 5.5 years compared to over ten years in the 1990s. The fierce competition and demands in a digital and global age often make for volatility and turnover in companies.

With these numbers, it makes sense then to have a gift giving or celebration for employee milestones within companies. With most busi

Martin Luther King Jr’s Impact On The World Through Speech And Demonstration

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Have much do you know about Martin Luther King Jr.?s life and impact on the Civil Rights movement? Long before Martin Luther King Jr. made his ?I Have a Dream? speech, he began his involvement with the Civil Rights movement in places like Alabama. From dedicating his time to sit-in movements, to spending time in jail standing up for what believed in, to speaking publicly about the rights everyone deserves, Martin Luther King Jr. led an inspirational life for all. By seeing the places he worked, reading his letters and listening to the MLK speech audio, we can still feel inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. today.

In the early 1960s, the Civil Rights movement was well underway. In places all through the southern United States from Alabama to North Carolina, people were engaging in the sit-in movements. This all

Are You Looking for a Way for Your Workers to be More Productive?

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Healthcare art consulting in florida

The famous Broadway creator of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda released a video earlier this week that makes a strong statement about the state of U.S. immigration policy. Making the talk show rounds during the last two nights, Miranda has spoken passionately about how art can help share a message that might otherwise be too difficult and confusing to confront. Through art, Miranda and many other artists, can address the difficult topics in our world.
Art can also serve many other purposes as well. It can provide comfort, joy, relaxation, and hope. Addressing these needs is the work of art consulting firms. Coming into a hospital lobby or an office common space, an art consulting fir

Efficient Ways to Avoid Hidden Ticket Charges

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How to buy concert tickets without fees

Nowadays, it has become a common practice to be charged additional fees when buying tickets for music concerts, leisure activities or sports. But the good news is that you can avoid extra charges through wise booking which often require you to book in person and preferably in cash. However, in some venues, you’ll still have to incur debit or credit card service fee. Perhaps you are not off the hook just yet.

It has been established that the most typical way most ticket vendors generate money is through extra fees charged on tickets. Although ticket agents are known to impose service fees, other venues such as theaters or any other major event also add a fee, especially if you purchase sports tickets online. Furthermore, there are numerous ticket websites you can look up and get a

The Healing Power of Dance, From Jive to Samba

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Everyone loves to dance. Even those who say that they don’t know how to dance, or that they simply “can’t.” Everyone can. All that dancing is, is the movement of your body to the sound of music, and to the beat that pulses throughout your body when that perfect song comes on. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with signing up for dance classes to learn all about the many different types of ballroom dances, and to learn just the right steps to really blow your next dance partner away. But whether you want to formally learn to dance, or you are just working up the courage to let loose with your very own brand of dancing, everyone should feel free to fully experience this beautiful life through the power and exp

Working As A Freelance Photographer or Photo Editor

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Photo color correction services

While photography may not be an up and coming field, it?s certainly a classic one that continues to employ over 40 million people in the U.S alone. The average income for photographers is around $18 per hour, with the middle 70 percent earning between $20 -$60 thousand dollars annually.

There are a multitude of types of photography and events that invite picture-taking. In fact, people take more pictures per day than ever before, thanks in part to advances in technology that include cameras in phones and other mobile devices. Some people are extremely talented at taking a beautiful photograph and have a natural eye for what looks great; others are professionally taught and are knowledgeable about the components of a great photo. Some of these folks do it for a living; some work for a profes

Is This the Best Pool Party in the History of the Planet?

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Echostage dc tickets

In recent years Las Vegas club nightclubs have undergone a bit of a renaissance, thanks in no small part to the sudden mainstream success of electronic dance music and big-name DJs. Until recently Las Vegas was more popular with middle aged tourists and families from the midwest, but suddenly it’s become one of the top clubbing destinations in the world alongside places like Berlin, Ibiza, and Miami.
And among people seeking Las Vegas club tickets, no spot is more in-demand at online ticket agencies than Encore Beach Club Las Vegas, part of the Wynn casino brand. In fact, the Encore nightclub is fast becoming one of

Top Five Tips For Renovating Your Home Entertainment System

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Lexington ky home theater

Looking to upgrade your shabby and out-of-date home entertainment system? Interested in crafting a high-quality and accessible personal home theater for your family? You’ve come to the right article! A new personal theater or home automation system can seem a little daunting for the beginning do-it-yourself type — you have to consider everything from network installation to home security systems to get the most bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at the top five tips on creating your very own theater and home automation system and get you on the fast path to watching quality films and shows in the comfort of your house or apartment!

What Are Popular Television Networks?


Planning a Big Group Gathering? Consider Renting a Party Bus

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Party bus

Are you or a family member celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other life achievement? Perhaps you have a large group of friends getting together for a reunion. No matter where you’re going, you can maximize the fun with luxury bus rentals from party bus companies.

But why would renting a party bus from a bus rental company be right for your particular event? For one, these kinds of buses typically include top-of-the-line audio and lighting systems, making the trip all the more exciting and fashionable. Certain party buses may have LED lights and laser lighting as well.

On the prac

Three Things Every Band Needs to Find Its Sound

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Pigtronix disnortion

“So you want to be a rock ‘n’ roll star?” sang The Byrds in 1967. “Then listen now to what I say. Just get an electric guitar and take some time and learn how to play.” Easy enough, right?

But there’s the rub — plenty of people think it’s easy to form a band and start selling out stadiums in just a few short years. That’s why there are currently over eight million bands on MySpace all with recorded demos streaming on their pages for free. They’re waiting for the right talent scout to click their profile, waiting for a record contract, waiting for that big break.

Being a professional musician is a full-time gig that doesn’t necessarily abide by a 9-to-5 schedule. In fact, it’s probably closer to 7 p.m.-to-2 am. It’s not enough to simply purchase a guitar and become a virtuoso, either; there’s a whole wo