Art Appraisal How to Find the Value of Artwork

You may have heard that some artwork is worth millions of dollars, but how do we know? Art appraisers are trained to identify markers of worth in paintings, sculptures, and even literature. Here are some of the things to know about how to find the value of artwork.

An appraiser first identifies the artist of the work and then identifies if it is real or a copy. Copies, while still beautiful, are worth significantly less than an original.

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And while bigger is not always better, it usually is when it comes to appraising art. The bigger the artwork, the more technique and hours put into its creation.

This video talks a little bit about how art masters identify these paintings. They look for qualities that represent a certain period of art or a particular artist. To ensure authenticity, the medium, the paint strokes, the color, and the depth will all be taken into account. If it is merely a print, this is an easy process.

The artwork’s cost is identified with all these factors in mind. Talk to an art gallery or an appraiser today to ask about your artwork. You never know what it might be worth.


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