Style of Earrings Through the Decades

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Earrings are a staple of women’s fashion, but have changed considerably throughout time. This article will explore how they changed up through the decades and up to the modern-day.

In the 1920s, jewelry was long and thin. It was made up of delicate materials. The influence of Art Deco made the jewelry geometric in shape. Earrings were made of materials like platinum and diamonds.

In the 30s, more colorful options in gemstones became trendy. Astrological themes like stars and moons took over, and less expensive materials like plastic were used to design the jewelry.

During the 1940s, matching your earrings to your broche became popular. Popular themes were flowers, bows, and animals. Screw backs and compact clips were popular mechanisms used for the earrings.

Matching your earrings with your necklaces took hold as a style in the 50s. In the 60s, enamel paints were used on metal earrings. Floral designs were especially popular due to the hippie movement. Hoop earrings began to emerge as a popular style, too.

In the 70s turquoise became popular as actresses wore them. The 80s saw much brighter colors thrown in, and the 90s saw hoops explode. In the 2000s, long chandelier-like jewelry blew up.

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