Logo Design in 2022

Without a doubt, a logo holds an intense weight in any business’s branding. Your logo is the first thing a potential customer sees, and it is of the utmost importance that it leaves a strong, lasting, and positive impression. A terrible logo will turn off potential business, and reflect poorly on your brand. Before committing to a single logo, it is important to get several opinions, preferably from professionals in the logo design industry. Before you accidentally pick something out of date, this video shows the current and upcoming trends for logo design in 2022.

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Minimalism has been the name of the game in logo design for years now, and 2022 is going to bring no change in this other than taking it even further. Hyper minimalism is taking over now, with the least bit of content required reigning supreme in a design. Designers are taking out any lines they don’t need, and even completely removing accent colors deemed unnecessary for a brand. Keeping it simple makes printing easier, reading easier, and it is generally easier on the eyes. Though it may appear boring, this is preferable than being overloaded with visual stimuli. Keep your logos minimalistic this year!


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