Five Tips for Finding the Right Fine Art Magazine

International artist

Are you interested in receiving current art news from fine art magazines? There are many top art magazines to choose from, and many things to consider when figuring out what the ideal magazine is for you. Not everyone has the same tastes in artists and art styles, and the same holds true for fine art magazines. Here are some tips for figuring out which magazine is right for you.

One, see if any fine art magazines are affiliated with your favorite art museum, or if the art museum highly recommends any in particular. Often you fill find that magazines and museums that work together share a similar type of content and featured artists, so this is a good jumping point for museum goers.

Two, check out art forums online to see what online users are saying about their favorite magazines. Often, these types of reviews will give you a more fair and detailed idea of the benefits and drawbacks of each magazine. Online forums might also direct you to harder to find magazines that are more local in nature.

Three, consider looking through international artist magazines. Many of these magazines will be published in english, but even if they are not, it can often be very instructive and eye opening to see what current trends in other countries and cultures are, since they are not all the same as current American art trends.

Four, if you are an art student or are friends with art people, ask around to see what magazines people hold as personal favorites. Art professors and instructors can be particularly good for referring high quality fine art magazines, since they will often use the content to enhance their lessons and to keep up to date on the most current trends in art.

Five, just remember that your initial preferences can sometimes be ignored in favor of challenging yourself with new material. Are you usually a sculpture person? Make things interesting by doing some research in photography fine art magazines, and see if perhaps something catches your fancy.

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