For When You Cannot Make it to the Museum, the Best Art Magazines

International artist magazine

There are hundreds, if not thousands of artist magazines in publication. They cover a wide berth of interests, from American fine art, to haute couture, to watercolor techniques. Each category will have its own top art magazines, but there are a few that stand out from the rest.

In terms of total number of subscribers, eschewing magazines that focus on popular culture and lifestyle, one of the top art magazines is Modern Painter. This magazine focuses on providing commentary and critique on artists. It highlights two international artists in profiles per issue, and provides interviews with a number of other artists, as well as samples and reviews of their work. Other top art magazines, according to artists, are ArtForum, which is an international magazine that is considered the decisive voice in contemporary art, and Frieze, which generally focuses on European contemporary art.

In terms of fine art, one of the top art magazines is probably Art and Antiques. Its writing staff has featured art critics from the New York Times as well as authors like John Updike. Arts and Antiques writes for the collector, and features articles, reviews, and commentary on everyone from Picasso to Raphael. The magazine also pays tribute to instances of new fine art, and spends a lot of time examining art trends from the 1960s to the present.

Of course, there are also magazines on culture and style, and they are the actual top art magazines in terms of subscribers. BlackBook is the best example of this, covering popular culture and high fashion. The most recent articles from the BlackBook website cover low culture events like the new G.I. Joe movie, an interview with composer Clint Mansell, and a review for an SUV. Certainly, BlackBook is the most diverse of the top art magazines, stretching the definition of art for some, but being more tolerant and encompassing for others.

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