Fun Ways to Keep Your Brain Active!

These days, it can be tempting to just scroll for hours on social media. Our phones are a constant distraction from the craziness of real life, but we often find ourselves wasting hours of our time due to their entertainment. When it’s time to take a break from work, we find ourselves jumping right into our phones and what we missed while we were away. Instead of filling our brain with more life, why don’t we start using our phone for brain exercises to keep all of those neurons firing properly? This video provides some colorful fun math practice games to keep your brain active and thinking.

The shift from pure entertainment to productive creativity is a slow and steady on in our media, but we are seeing games like Minecraft allowing children to still think critically in the digital world. If you feel yourself being too addicted to digital media, then take a break.

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If you just find yourself being unproductive, however, learning a new language or doing some fun math games on your phone will help keep your brain from being too passive.


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