How Employee Recognition Boosts Morale

Ceo gifts

Statistics are more available now to see the progress and success of new corporations and businesses. Unfortunately, they paint a picture of how steep the competition is within individual markets and how difficult it is to start a business or put together a corporation and keep it running. For instance:

  • Only 44% of businesses survive their first five years.
  • The average life cycle of new corporations is roughly 12 to 15 years.

Even CEOs last less than in the past, with an average stay of 5.5 years compared to over ten years in the 1990s. The fierce competition and demands in a digital and global age often make for volatility and turnover in companies.

With these numbers, it makes sense then to have a gift giving or celebration for employee milestones within companies. With most businesses not making it past their fifth year and most corporations falling in about 12 to 15, gifts for tenure and dependability are valuable for celebrating the success of companies and employees.

With the median number of years an employee being with a company is 4.4, a milestone gift at five years of employment can reward the company and the employee for continued employment. Celebrating milestones can have improvement for organization culture and for a boost for immediate workers that are celebrating the gift.

For a corporation, 25th business anniversary ideas, 50th business anniversary ideas, and 75th business anniversary ideas, can allow different teams and the business leaders to work together and celebrate their continued success. Being around that long is considered impressive, so business anniversary ideas are integral in putting employees together.

Business anniversary ideas can also be used as a public relations tool. For instance, a possible 100th business anniversary idea may involve putting together a story line or time line of the company’s impact economically and even, especially in today’s marketing era, the social impact. Centennial art, an interactive website, and posters are all statements of a company’s value within a culture.

For executives who have been with a company for a long length of time, CEO gifts might be important to show the value the employees place on the executive. Gifts for CEOs and executives can range from a professional recognition to a more personal gift, according to the personality and personal interests of the CEO.

For executives who are planning retirement, executive retirement gifts may be welcome. These executive retirement gifts can also vary in terms of a professional recognition to a more personal gift that shows the value the employees have for this executive. Executive retirement gifts can also show an impact that executive has had within the company.

With businesses and employments within businesses shortening seemingly each decade, honoring commitment and longevity are important when it comes to celebrating the success of those individuals and companies. A quick gift, whether for individuals reaching their fifth year of employment or executives off to retirement, can show other individuals the importance of supporting one another.

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