Is This the Best Pool Party in the History of the Planet?

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In recent years Las Vegas club nightclubs have undergone a bit of a renaissance, thanks in no small part to the sudden mainstream success of electronic dance music and big-name DJs. Until recently Las Vegas was more popular with middle aged tourists and families from the midwest, but suddenly it’s become one of the top clubbing destinations in the world alongside places like Berlin, Ibiza, and Miami.
And among people seeking Las Vegas club tickets, no spot is more in-demand at online ticket agencies than Encore Beach Club Las Vegas, part of the Wynn casino brand. In fact, the Encore nightclub is fast becoming one of the most famous clubs in the entire world. This April alone Encore Beach Club Las Vegas will see performances by top DJs like Skrillex, David Guetta, and Zedd. Not only that, but Swedish DJ Avicii chose the club for his final shows in America before his early retirement.
So what makes the Encore nightclub Las Vegas’ hottest attraction, seeing between 3,000 and 4,000 party-goers every day?
First, there’s nothing else quite like the Encore Club Las Vegas experience. If you don’t believe us, just check out the club’s official Twitter feed. Go ahead, we’ll wait.
Unlike every other nightclub you’ve been to, Encore isn’t just a nightclub and non-stop dance party, it’s also a pool party. Party-goers have to come already dressed in pool attire just to get in, and giant pools, fountains, and water features are arrayed throughout the club space.
It’s a totally different kind of experience, and people will pay thousands of dollars for the chance to attend one of the world’s top pool parties. Not only can you enjoy a poolside cocktail under the Las Vegas sun, all while being serenaded by DJs like Avicii, but Wynn nightclubs are famous for offering a true VIP experience.
In many ways, the success of Encore Beach Club Las Vegas has become a self-fulfilling prophesy. As its reputation spread, top-tier talent started booking shows, which attracted celebrity VIPs, which attracted even more guests. So unlike some other played out nightclubs where you’ll find middle aged dudes in suits, Encore sees younger club kids in casual attire.
So if you’re heading to Vegas this spring or summer and want to attend what has become perhaps the world’s most famous pool party — and see Avicii’s last ever shows in the process — then you’ll want to skip Blue Man Group and instead hit up ticket agencies for your ticket to one of the best parties on earth.

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