Working As A Freelance Photographer or Photo Editor

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While photography may not be an up and coming field, it?s certainly a classic one that continues to employ over 40 million people in the U.S alone. The average income for photographers is around $18 per hour, with the middle 70 percent earning between $20 -$60 thousand dollars annually.

There are a multitude of types of photography and events that invite picture-taking. In fact, people take more pictures per day than ever before, thanks in part to advances in technology that include cameras in phones and other mobile devices. Some people are extremely talented at taking a beautiful photograph and have a natural eye for what looks great; others are professionally taught and are knowledgeable about the components of a great photo. Some of these folks do it for a living; some work for a professional photography company, and others are freelance photographers.

Another way that shutterbugs can work within the photography field is as a freelance photoshop service or photo editing services provider. Other people take the photos; you make them look professional, using the latest tools and softwares. If you aren?t experienced in this skill, it?s easy to learn. You can take online photo editing and publishing courses, and practice with your own photos before offering your photo editing services to others.

An important step, whether you?re interested in photography or in photo editing services, is to build and share an online portfolio of your best work. This is what you will show potential clients in order to give a sample of the kind of work you can create. In addition, the use of online platforms in sharing your professional photograph examples will indicate that you are able to create the same type of album for your clients.

Once you?ve established your skill in photography editing services, and your portfolio is full of beautiful sample photos, you?re ready to get jobs. Networking with other photographers and editors is a sure way to meet people in the field; they can give you feedback on your work and refer you to jobs. Another idea is to submit your work to contests, or for publication, and get your name and your photo styling out in the public eye. Keep in mind that it takes time and patience to get established as a freelance photographer or photo editing services provider. Be patient, keep perfecting your skills and networking with other photographers, and enjoy the creative process!

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