The Healing Power of Dance, From Jive to Samba


Everyone loves to dance. Even those who say that they don’t know how to dance, or that they simply “can’t.” Everyone can. All that dancing is, is the movement of your body to the sound of music, and to the beat that pulses throughout your body when that perfect song comes on. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with signing up for dance classes to learn all about the many different types of ballroom dances, and to learn just the right steps to really blow your next dance partner away. But whether you want to formally learn to dance, or you are just working up the courage to let loose with your very own brand of dancing, everyone should feel free to fully experience this beautiful life through the power and expression of dance.

From jive to tango and more
Dance has been around as long as humans have, but once our ancestors started to organize those joyful movements into set steps and twirls and sometimes even leaps, traditional dances were born. Not long after that, ballroom dance began to evolve. One of the many beautiful things about dance is the fact that each dance has a different origin and expression. Every dance is adding to the story of movement and feeling that is being expressed by the dancer.

Whether you are moving to the rumba, samba, waltz, or swinging to jive, you have a plethora of dance options available to you. And you are not alone in your urges to get moving to the music. USA Dance, Inc., a nonprofit organization, saw a 35% increase in the amount of individuals taking dance lessons, and going to different ballroom events, just in the last 10 years. People are starting to wake up to the power of dance.

The benefits of letting loose on the dance floor

It could be bopping jive steps, sweeping waltz spins, or your very own version of flailing to your favorite tune. Dancing is dancing, and it does a body good. It’s not just the body that benefits, though. There have been studies looking into the effects of dancing on overall fitness and wellbeing. It doesn’t take much of a specialist to realize all of the good that dancing can do.

The bad news is that not even 5% of adults take part in 30 minutes of exercise every day, and only one in three adults reach the recommended amount of physical fitness every week. The good news is that dancing can turn those statistics around. Dancing brings in elements of fun, newness, and your inner child, making physical activity something to look forward to instead of something to dread or avoid. On top of that, for some people dance is a release and a therapy, a mental activity as much as it is a physical one. In fact, one study showed that when comparing tango and mindfulness meditation, and then given the chance to choose between the two, a full 97% chose the spirited dance over the meditation.

Admit it, giving yourself permission to really just let the music move you is quite liberating, and it should probably done more often!

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