Three Reasons to Tackle a Puzzle

Not everyone gravitates to puzzling. In the age of online games and technology, many people have eschewed old-fashioned hobbies like puzzles. However, taking the time to do a 2000 piece puzzle at the end of a busy day can be both calming and delightfully challenging, allowing you to have fun while you problem solve. Don’t believe it? Here are three scientifically-proven reasons that puzzles are like good for your mind.

Puzzles are Good for Brain Development

Working on a puzzle every day helps with memory recall, increases attention, and improves problem solving skills. An unsolved puzzle appears to have many different solutions, but only one is correct. Puzzlers, particularly those working on difficult 1000 or 2000 piece puzzles, must remember what pieces fit where and analyze each piece to put together a cohesive picture. In addition, working on a puzzle combines body movement with logic, which actually works your mind even more. This is especially good for children, even if they are working on easy puzzles or 300 piece puzzles.

Puzzlers are Happier

Multiple studies show that puzzling releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes you happier. Doing a repetitive motion that uses your mind also has meditative benefits, so it’s great to work on moderately difficult puzzles at the end of a stressful day. You can also frame your puzzle once it’s finished to show off your hard work and patience to others.

They Help with Fine Motor Skills

Finally, puzzling is a great activity for those who have trouble with fine motor skills, whether they be older adults or children. For children in particular, manipulating the pieces helps cement the connection between their hands and eyes and teaches them how to do small and specialized movements. This, in turn, helps them learn to do other specialized movements in the future, such as writing in cursive or playing the violin.

Puzzles are still available in toy shops and bookstores, but you can also find them online in order to shop around for images you like. Whether you’re a serious puzzler or a novice looking for a 500 piece puzzle, there is a perfect puzzle out there for you.

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