Could Custom Packaging Rebrand Your Cannabis Business?

It is estimated that 85% of customers make their purchasing decisions based at least in part based on the product packaging. Custom packaging is incredibly important when it comes to establishing a noteworthy brand. Like the adage goes people do judge a book by its cover. Nice packaging catches the eye. Even people who profess to not care about special packaging and design certainly take notice of it.

How Important Is Customer Perception When It Comes to a Flourishing Business?

Brands need to have a following to be successful. Customers want to feel that the company they make purchases from have some shared values. Let’s imagine a business that is fairly new, and might struggle with reaching new audiences: cannabis. Custom cannabis packaging is actually a great idea. People have a certain perception when it comes to cannabis bags, and the right packaging could make the product more palatable to a wider variety of consumers who might have preconceptions.

What Does Good Packaging Do?

Good packaging does two things: clearly communicates to the customer what is within the packaging, and to clearly communicate the values of the company. The copy on the product does not need to be lengthy. It can be quite short. But each product should have a few lines that lay out the company mission statement. Customers do read the packaging, especially when it looks cool. It makes them think that perhaps they are also cool, if only because they have good taste.

What Would Custom Packaging Look Like?

Custom cannabis packaging would look like whatever the company wanted it to look like. This might be a simple package with just the brand logo. It might be more specialized. Custom cannabis packaging has the added burden of growing out of its niche. The plain plastic bags of yesteryear are over and done.
Innovative custom bags are the future. Packaging design is becoming evermore clever. What’s more, customers like to share those things they think are neat on social media. When people like your packaging, they want to share it with others.

How Can You Begin Creating Your Custom Cannabis Packaging?

Some surveys of businesses who pay special attention to packaging have often seen up to a 30% increase in consumer interest. To get started creating your own custom packaging it is best to start at the beginning. This starting place is going back to why you have the business in the first place.

What is your purpose, your mission? Why do you sell what you do? The answers to these questions will inform you of the particular details of your packaging. Do you have medical marijuana bags or is it for a different crowd? Know your customer.

Good packaging is necessary for businesses to truly flourish. To create good packaging, a business might need to develop custom packaging. Getting started on this process requires you to remember why you started your business. Customers will take note of those companies that put extra thought into the details. Your job is make sure your product is one of them.

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