Children Today Are Missing Out On Vital Play How Businesses Are Closing The Gap With Indoor Playgrounds

What is the psychology behind playing?

Asking this simple question can open up an entire avenue of potential, whether you’re a parent who needs your children to go outside once in a while or a business looking to expand their indoor playground equipment. Play is, simply put, how we interact with the world. We learn how to socialize. We stay physically and mentally fit. Even adults need to play at the end of a grueling workweek! Indoor playground ideas are starting to take off for businesses of all sizes, as they allow parents to give their children some much-needed playtime while they finish up their meeting or seal a deal.

Before you install a commercial indoor playground, learn why they’re in such high demand in the first place.

Your child’s health is important. Sadly, it’s all too easy for kids to sit in front of a screen and miss out on some vital outdoor experiences. A recent study found two-thirds of parents admitting they’re worried about their child spending too much time on electronic devices, ranging from the standard iPad to wiling away on a home computer. While a healthy relationship with technology should be encouraged, children need to exercise a little every day to encourage growing muscles and proper social development. How can indoor soft play equipment promote this?

An illuminating study found children who consistently spend more than four hours per day watching television are more likely to have health problems, ranging from diabetes to increased rates of depression. The latter can be exacerbated by a lack of fresh air and proper vitamin D intake, both of which are best gained when under the sun. According to additional research by the Kaiser Family Foundation, children between the ages of eight and 18 spend nearly five hours every day watching television in various forms.

Where do we go from here? Thanks to the commercial indoor playground the ability to run around, meet new people and play simple games is easier than ever. Playing is necessary to stimulate proper brain development, with psychological studies showing it’s important for children to have regular opportunities for outdoor and indoor play time throughout the week to grow into a balanced adult. Children who lack this interaction? They run the risk of facing a lifetime of limited brain power and stunted social skills.

Parents are doing their best these days to provide their children opportunities to play and let loose even as they run low on their budget. One study found one-third of families spending up to 20% of their household income on child care, which can be a huge dealbreaker in other areas of their life. Businesses that provide regular access to indoor playgrounds allow parents to bring children along and keep them occupied without the need for a constant babysitter or daycare service. Giving your customers a little stress relief and saving money is a winning combination every time.

Indoor playground equipment is designed to promote running, jumping, swinging, crouching and climbing. The American Heart Association recommends children over the age of two engage in at least one hour per day of moderate physical activity. Even more introverted children can still benefit from a kids indoor play structure with slides, monkey bars and tire swings. Your commercial indoor playground can be customized to match your business, from color to design, and should be checked on a yearly basis to ensure the structure is holding up to constant use.

Play is important. How can you help promote a healthy lifestyle to your customers with commercial indoor play structures?

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